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Reasons for a personal trainer:

Below are some reasons why working with a Personal Fitness Coach may be beneficial. If you are going to go through the trouble and expense of hiring a coach you will want identify what category you find yourself in. American Fitness Personal Training Coaches can help assess your goals and work with you to figure out your best course of action.

Help Develop a Personal Plan Built for You:

Depending on your goals an experienced Fitness Coach can help by customizing a “goal oriented” workout plan specifically for you.

Help Manage Expectations:

Because of our “instant gratification” outlook we may expect to see instant results when beginning a workout plan. An experienced Fitness Coach can help you understand and manage unrealistic expectations that you may have while keeping you motivated at the same time.

A Second Set of Eyes:

Even the most seasoned individuals sometimes need help reaching new goals. Oftentimes someone will get “stuck in a rut” with the same workout routines and simply need a change. An experienced Fitness Coach can implement a new program designed to help even the most experienced person reach new levels in their training

Help Avoid Injury:

An experienced Fitness Coach can guide you through exercises and insure you are using machines or free weights correctly with proper form. This is especially important if you have had injuries or certain types of surgery in the past.

Helps Keep Things New:

An experienced Fitness Coach can help keep your new workout process fun and exciting and keep you moving in the right direction. 

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